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Founded in Abilene, CCS was founded in 1987 and has remained committed to a Biblically-based environment throughout the years. Our school is a branch from what was once known as Heritage Christian School of Abilene, founded in the early 1980s. Non-Denominational Ministry & School. 

As Cornerstone, we remain a non-denominational ministry and school. We are not affiliated with any local church, but are supported by many.

Christian Perspective

Our school has always used the Abeka Book Curriculum in our classrooms to foster excellence in education from a Christian perspective. Much of Cornerstone’s success as a school can be attributed to the Lord’s guidance through education that is based on the truth found in the Word of God. 


Throughout the years our school has seen seasons of growth and seasons of recession. Amidst it all, the Lord has allowed Cornerstone to stand fast as a ministry called after His purposes. We commit to remain faithful to His calling over our school in all seasons for as long as the Lord chooses to use us.

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